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Advantages of multi-function water pump control valve

The valve has three functions of electric valve, check valve and water hammer eliminator, which can effectively improve the reliability of the water supply system used in parallel with fire water and domestic water in the living quarter.
Advantages of the multi-function water pump control valve:
First, the reliability is high: the water hammer device and the valve opening and closing action are completely interlocked, and the quick-closing, slow-closing and sucking three kinds of measures for eliminating water hammer are adopted.
Second, no operation control: When the pump starts and stops, skillfully use the medium at both ends of the valve and its pressure difference as the driving medium and control power, so that the valve automatically operates according to the requirements of the pump operation rules.
Third, no professional debugging: the valve action is not affected by the liquid level difference and the water pressure and the pump flow change, and the adaptability is wide.
Fourth, basically no maintenance, long life.
Fifth, the energy-saving effect is obvious: the pressure of the inlet end is used to enter the lower chamber to support the weight of the diaphragm plate and the valve stem, and the resistance loss is small.