Ningbo Dijie Trade Co., Ltd. product news : FAQ

  • A:We mainly supply brass valves to plumbing and heating, but also able to supply other parts in stainless steel, aluminum, steel, plastic and other ODM or OEM parts. We will welcome your design or drawings, we will find best solution with good price and high quality.

  • A:We may attend international fair in MCE Milan in Italy or ISH Frankfurt in Frankfurt, Germany.

  • A:No, normally we did not keep stock for most items, only a few popular items may have some. We mainly sell to orders for OEM or ODM products.

  • A:It takes 2 hours flight from Guangzhou airport to Ningbo or our factory city.

  • A:For small items, samples can be free, but samples need to be collected because international freight is quite much. For some items or more quantity samples need to be charged.

  • A:We use different brass like recycled brass 57-3, also make to European or American standard specification. Recycled brass is not a real Chinese standard, we control copper >57%, lead 2.0 to 3.0%, also have a limit of Zn, Fe, Ni, Sn, Al; total 7 elements. This is much cheaper material. Like European specification of CW617N, CW614N, CW024A, CW509L, CW602N DZR, CW717R and else; for American can be C37700, C37710, C46500... For better production of the environment, we supply lead-free brass of CW508L, CW509L, C46500.